Wow..what an amazing week we had at URBAN JAMM Nationals in Irvine, CA. All done. Thank you, Tara-Caprice Broadwater for being loyal and doing what you do for your kids at Love2Dance Novato. This was hands down the all-time best dance convention Regionals or Nationals I have ever been involved with. I also got to see my son dance finally at Urban Jamm…Everyone was so chill and excited at the same time. Even though the weeks coming up to the big day was a bit of a stress bucket, it felt so right at the close of the convention and final goodbyes… A big thanks to everyone involved, especially the Urban Jamm Dance Conventions instructors, DeAnn Mauro Alexandre MagnoEddie GarciaDominique BattisteNatalli Reznik, Pharside and Phoenix, Michele ‘Soulchild’ GarmanKaren Rudshagen, Lindsey B and Craig…I also want to thanks Kurtis Aragon and Jamie Fraserfor their assistance in getting peeps from their studios to attend also. It has been a struggle coming back after our long hiatus from the dance world. However, I will see everyone in August….Season 21 BAM!!!! Peace…Johnnie Smith We will “Raise the Titanic” 

Josh Killacky moved to North Hollywood at the age of 15 from Chicago with his Mom. His 12 years of training in martial arts set an incredible foundation for his love in music and dance. Besides Hip Hop competition dancing that started at age 12, Josh also attended the Chicago Academy of the Performing arts High School to further develop his dance art in the world of ballet, jazz and modern dance.

He is currently the lead Dancer/Asst. Choreographer with David Moore for the BotBroz and helped make dance history as the first non-vocal artists to be asked to perform on Good Morning America in Times Square. Josh has choreographed and danced on several television shows including, Nickelodean Kids Sports, Nickelodean Kids Choice and Halo Awards, X-Factor, Dancing with the Stars, Dance Moms, MTV – Todrick Hall Documentary, Telemundo “Que Noche”, BET Awards.

Josh has been in several articles and showcased on “Billboard” for his performance in dance videos; “WTF” choreo by Tricia Miranda, “Numb” choreo by Alexander Chung, Viral Video “What Do you Mean”, and for Josh’s choreography work in the fashion world. He had the opportunity to work with Designer, Nicola Formichetti to create choreography for the Nicopanda SS16 Campaign film that would show creative movement for this clothing line.

As an Actor/Dancer, Josh can be found in Topher Grace’s new movie just recently released called “One Shot” working playing the role of “Chip” alongside actor, Taye Diggs.

As an actor and director, Josh released his first short film on the internet in 2016; “When is too Late” an Anti-bullying film in hopes that people would think twice about bullying others. Josh also choreographed for a movie not yet released called “Howard High” with Director, Chris Stolkes. Josh has choreographed several pieces for upcoming solo artists and groups such as “New District” and Nia Sioux.

Josh traveled on tour as a dancer with Mindless Behavior and most recently on stage in France with Jordan Fisher. In the video gaming world, you will find Josh in many of the Just Dance Video Games, as well as Disney’s 2015 Dance Party. Josh has also appeared in several Commercials including “Shoe Carnival – back to school”, 2015 Ellen Degeneres “Oscars Promo”, Mercury Insurance, MTV Todrick Hall promo, Fiat, Paddington Bear, and G by Guess Clothing.

During Josh’s earlier years, he was a nominated for “WOD 2014 for “Next Generation” Choreographer, and his youtube video “Let me Love You’ was featured at the Dance Camera West Film Festival in 2014. Josh has had the opportunity to train and work with choreographers such as Aakomon Jones, Twitch, Wildabeast, David Moore, Tyce Diorio, Mikey Minden, Jamal Sims, Rosero McCoy, NappyTabs, Tricia Miranda, Janelle Ginestra, and Chuck Maldonado.